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Kristensen et al. (JMPS 2020)

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P.K. Kristensen, C.F. Niordson, E. Martínez-Pañeda A phase field model for elastic-gradient-plastic solids undergoing hydrogen embrittlement JOURNAL OF THE MECHANICS OF PHYSICS AND SOLIDS 143, 104093 (2020)


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ABAQUS user-material subroutine (UMAT) with a plane strain/3D implementation of von Mises plasticity with isotropic power law hardening. Includes documentation.   Paper: E. Martínez-Pañeda, S. Fuentes-Alonso, C. Betegón. Gradient-enhanced statistical analysis of cleavage fracture. European Journal of Mechanics – A/Solids 77: 103785 (2019)   Download code (.zip file)

Saeimi Sadigh et al. IJAA 2020

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M.A. Saeimi Sadigh, B. Paygozar, L.F.M. da Silva, E. Martínez-Pañeda Creep behaviour and tensile response of adhesively bonded polyethylene joints: single-lap and double-strap INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADHESION AND ADHESIVES 102, 102666 (2020)

Diaz et al, IJHE 2020

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A. Díaz, I.I. Cuesta, E. Martínez-Pañeda, J.M. Alegre Influence of charging conditions on simulated temperature-programmed desorption for hydrogen in metals INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY (in press)

Garcia-Guzman, Reinoso, Valverde, Martinez-Paneda, Tavara

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L. García-Guzmán, J. Reinoso, A. Valverde, E. Martínez-Pañeda, L. Távara Numerical study of interface cracking in composite structures using a novel geometrically nonlinear Linear Elastic Brittle Interface Model: mixed-mode fracture conditions and application to structured interfaces COMPOSITE STRUCTURES 248, 112495 (2020)


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ABAQUS user-element subroutine (UEL) with phase field fatigue (and fracture). Includes an input file for using Quasi-Newton to run in a robust monolithic manner and a document with detailed instructions.   Paper: P.K. Kristensen, E. Martínez-Pañeda. Phase field fracture modelling using quasi-Newton methods and a new adaptive step scheme. Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics 107: 102446 […]